General Rules

1- The purchase proccess for services in Megagast is in person and online. In telephone purchases, after recieving the payment link from Megagast, the passenger’s purchase is finalized right after the contract payment.
2- The proccess of online purchasing services in Megagast is subject to the set of rules and regulations of electronic commerce.
3- The passenger’s personal information is completely secure in Megagast and Megagast makes every effort to protect passengers’ personal information.
4- In the case of online shopping, travelers undertake to enter their information correctly on Megagast website during registration and reservation. When registering and online shopping, the basic information of the passenger such as first and last name, flight route, place of residence, date of travel, etc. must be correctly selected and the possibility of changing the name of the passenger after the final purchase depends on the purchase conditions.
5- Megagasht is committed to provide the agreed services fully and accurately to the passengers. However, in the event of unexpected happening such as war, rebellion, terrorist acts, strike, and sovereign actions of the host country, and similar problems that are beyond the host country’s control and cause cancellation or a change in the program, Megagasht will not be held responsible, and it is based on the status of force majeure. Refer to the circulars issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in this regard.
6- All passengers must have a valid passport and visa for international travels. For foreign flights, having a passport valid for at least 6 months and 10 days (full 190 days) is required to leave the country on all routes. Also, to travel to some countries, the duration of the traveler’s stay in the desired country must be added to this minimum passport validity.
7- Travel documents (including plane tickets, hotel and car rental vouchers or any other documents that are issued either electronically or in print and are provided to use the broker’s services) must be with the passenger.
8- Observance of customs and ethics during the trip is mandatory and also the tourist is obliged to comply with all the regulations of the destination country.
9- Megagasht is committed to inform the representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran in that country in case of any incident for tourists or tourists in the destination country.
10- Megagasht is obliged to issue a receipt on its official letterhead with the date on receipt of the tourist’s documents, such as passport, birth certificate, etc.
11- When concluding the contract, Megagasht is obliged to provide the tourist with the necessary explanations regarding the contents of the contract and its notes. Also, after concluding and signing the contract, hotel is obliged to provide a signed copy of the contract, which is sealed with the seal of the office. A hand over to the tourist and they’ll keep the other copy. In online contracts, according to the e-commerce law, the tourist’s signature is done online according to Article 2 of this law. Article 2 of the above law defines the electronic signature: “Electronic Signature” means any type of sign attached or logically connected to the “message data” used to identify the signer of the “message data”. In face-to-face contracts, the passenger’s signature, which is done in writing with a light pen, means confirming the terms of the contract.
12- Megagasht service rates are based on the national currency of Iran.
13- Dealing with any dispute between the parties of the contract by providing reasons and depending on the type of service is the responsibility of the organization of cultural heritage, handicrafts and tourism or the national aviation organization, and the decisions issued by this organization are binding for the parties.
14- In cases of extradition, only the person who has registered and entered into a contract on behalf of the passengers is allowed to refer to Megagasht to follow up, cancel or receive the paid funds.
15- In foreign trips, if the issued visa stipulates a specific period of stay, if any of the tourists refuse to return to the country on the predetermined date, the agent is allowed to compensate the damage caused to him through the recording of the above guarantee is received in its favor. They will be loaded into the train by passengers.

Flight Rules (Domestic-International)

1- According to the regulations of the Civil Aviation Organization, the responsibility for cancellation, delay or change in the time of the flight is the responsibility of the airline company which organizes the flight, and if the non-performance of the trip is due to the cancellation of the flight by the airline company, the cancellation conditions are based on the regulations of the operating airline company. and aviation organization is applied. In case of cancellation of the flight by the airline (the subject of this contract), Megagasht will use its efforts to send the passengers on the next first flight with the agreement and consent of them. In addition, in case of any change in the flight rate, the passenger is obliged to comply and accept it.
2- The presence of the passenger in domestic flights at least one hour before the flight time and in international flights at least 3 hours before the flight time at the airport and the flight terminal along with the required documents is required. If the passenger intends to buy a ticket for a consecutive flight (continuing a route), he should observe at least 3 hours of time between the arrival of the first flight at the intermediate point (transit) and the departure of the second flight.
3- The ticket cancellation conditions are different with system rates and non-system rates. Passengers are requested to make the necessary checks with our colleagues regarding these conditions before registering the contract.
4- In case the passenger refuses to complete his trip, all the costs of Megagasht will be calculated on the passenger’s account by presenting the documents.
5- Megagasht is obliged to take the necessary measures regarding mandatory and optional insurance coverage of the passenger and in case of any kind of accident during the trip, to use the necessary cooperation and assistance in this regard.
6- In case of flight cancellation or delay of more than three hours, which causes the passenger to cancel the flight, according to the airline regulations and by presenting the ticket and receipt stamped by the station of origin, Megagasht will follow up and refund the ticket price without penalty.
7- The passenger is not allowed to register a request at the same time with Megagasht and another agency. Also, the damage caused by rebooking on a flight with the same date and time for a name (duplicate ticket) is the responsibility of the passenger.
8- The passenger’s allowed baggage is based on the issued ticket and the excess is considered as excess baggage.
9- For internati flights, having at least 6 months and 10 days (full 190 days) of passport validity is required to leave the country on all routes.
10- In online purchases, the passenger is obliged to match the selected date of the ticket with the date of the visa before purchasing the ticket.
11- Due to the fact that the visa issuance process takes time, therefore, in order to consider the favorable conditions for the traveler (with the information and confirmation of the traveler), it is also done for the ticket and hotel (in combined purchases) at the same time.
12- The cancellation request of the system tickets by the passenger according to the rules of the Civil Aviation Organization, includes a cancellation penalty. The amount of this penalty is different according to the regulations of each airline. After the passenger requests a refund, the amount of the cancellation penalty and the money transfer fee will be deducted from the ticket price and the remaining amount will be returned to the passenger’s account.
13- Regarding the cancellation rules of domestic tickets, according to the multilateral rules between the airlines and according to the internal rules of each airline, if a round-trip flight ticket is purchased and a flight route is canceled by the airline, or the delay and acceleration. If it has more than three hours and the passenger cancels the flight, the regulations related to the cancellation of the other flight route will be applied according to the regulations of the relevant airline.

Hotel Rules (Iranian-International)

1- In iranian hotels, depending on the travel date and type of the hotel. Equal to the tariff of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, people under the age of 7 will not pay the extra fee, and otherwise, the price of the extra person for people over 7 years old will be calculated in full. Note 12: In case of more people staying than the specified capacity of each room, the situation includes the payment of the extra person fee and this fee is not subject to the receipt of additional beds or services.
2- Passenger reception and room delivery process: The room delivery and passenger reception process is carried out by the passenger with the watcher, which is done based on rules.
3- Due to the fact that the policies of hotels and brokers regarding the terms of acceptance and cancellation of reservations are different, therefore, only the provisions of the contract between the passenger and Eligasht and the voucher issued on the passenger’s relationship with Megagasht regarding the conditions of cancellation of the reserved hotel are applicable. According to the variety of available rooms, especially in international hotels (Type Rooms), in triple and triple standard rooms, the existence of three standard beds or two beds with an extra bed, completely depends on the conditions in The passenger reception time and the room size are subject to availability.
4- The floor where the room is located is determined by the hotel and Megagasht has no involvement in its selection.
5- Depending on the conditions of the hotel and especially in international hotels, when the passenger’s presence in the hotel is delayed (late check-in), the passenger must announce the issue to coordinate with the hotel. Otherwise, if there is a delay of more than 6 hours from the time of reception, the hotel may register the passenger’s reservation as “no show”.
6- Depending on the conditions of the hotel and the reservation made, the hotel has no responsibility regarding the direction, floor, color and design of the room, and the room number is determined by the reception when the guest enters the hotel.
7- In iranian hotels, all guests are required to comply with Islamic affairs and the hotel’s internal laws, and if any damage is caused to the hotel’s property by the guest, the hotel is responsible for estimating the cost and the traveler is required to pay the expert fee.
8- Cancellation and refund conditions: The cost of canceling the hotel reservation or not using it depends on the hotel’s policy. Some hotels are non-refundable from the moment of purchase, some hotels are non-refundable from a certain date after purchase, and some are non-refundable if not used, the cost of one night’s stay will be deducted and the rest refunded. Considering that all the above conditions are stated in the voucher, therefore, in case of cancellation of the hotel reservation, the steps will be taken based on it.
9- In international hotels, if in some destinations, when the passenger arrives at the airport of the destination country, his/her passport is taken and kept by the relevant authorities and returned to the passenger when he/she returns to the airport, no responsibility regarding the damages caused to the passenger due to the hotel shall be borne by Megagasht.