Mashhad Qasr Al-Ziafat Hotel

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Qods Qasr Al-Ziafat Hotel is located in one of the most important and best geographical locations of the Holy Shrine.

This hotel, which overlooks the Astan Qods Razavi complex, from its windows, hallways, balconies and terraces on the eastern side, you can have a direct and panoramic view of the entire complex of the holy shrine and its courtyards, also with the sound of the muezzin can be heared. You can pray with them by walking about 50 meters in the courtyard.

Qods Qasr Al-Ziafat Hotel, which was built with the best design, architecture and structure, is one of the best hotels in Iran, equipped with the best construction materials, accommodation and catering facilities also under the brand of Rexan Holding Semga International Hotels Group since 04/01 /1401 has started.

Qasr Al-Ziafat Hotel Mashhad

As mentioned, Qasr Al-Ziafat Hotel is located next to the Holy Shrine of Sheikh Tous (on the top of the street) and next to the holy shrine of Ali Ibn Musa Al-Reza.

This hotel has 9370 square meters of area and more than 68000 square meters of useful building area on 11 floors and has 424 car parking places. Numerous reception halls have provided a safe area and a suitable place for holding business meetings, celebrations, ceremonies and special events.

The hotel is used for its superior geographical location and modern equipment, also the size and the area, as well as the services of the guest rooms, are beyond the available 5-star hotels.

This hotel now has a collection of religious images, works, documents. As well as historical photographs of the changes and developments of the Astan Qods Razavi complex, the life and social customs of the Iranian people, and the rituals of pilgrimage and expressing devotion to the shrine complex of Ali Ibn Musa Al-Reza. It has changed especially in the last 200 years.

You can see over 1000 unique paintings that can provide the leisure time of the dear guests with a lot of pictures and works of special ones. Perhaps it can be said that Rexan Qasr Al-Ziafat Hotel is the first museum hotel of Mashhad.

Hotel Rooms

This complex has 216 rooms, 8 suites and 466 beds as follows, which will be able to provide VIP accommodation and reception services to more than 500 guests at the same time.

  • Double rooms with double beds (DBL): 115 units
  • Double rooms with separate beds (TWIN): 113 units
  • Connected Rooms: 94 units
  • Bridal room (honeymoon): 4 units
  • Handicapped room (specially for disabled): 3 units
  • President suite: 1 unit
  • Executive suite: 1 unit
  • VIP two-bedroom suite: 6 units

Qasr Al-Ziafat Hotel Website

Room Features of the Hotel

The rooms have 8 different types with their own capabilities and features as follows:

  • The normal double room is standard without a view of the shrine.
    Ishraq double rooms with a limited view of the Holy Shrine (these rooms overlook the southwest side of the Astan Razavi complex and overlook the Qadir courtyard.)
  • Royal double rooms overlook the Astan Razavi complex, which has a direct view of the holy shrine.
  • Double rooms with a private terrace overlooking the shrine.
  • Razavi double rooms without a terrace. With a view of the Holy Shrine
  • Royal Razavi double rooms with a view the Holy Shrine
  • Razavi double rooms with a private terrace overlooking the Holy Shrine
  • Special rooms for the bride and groom (honeymoon) overlooking the Holy Shrine

Hotel Suites

Qods Qasr al-Ziafat Rexan Hotel has three types of special and exclusive suites as follows:

  • Royal two bedroom suite:
    These suites can host a family of four with their facilities.
  • Executive Suite:
    It is one of the best luxurious suites with a view of the Holy Shrine, which has enough space and facilities for comfort and relaxation for a family. The executive suite has a private panoramic terrace and has all the comforts, accommodation, catering and office equipment for administrative and business matters.

The size of the executive suite with a terrace is 260 square meters and without a terrace is 195 square meters. Its facilities include: one double room, one twin room, tea maker, espresso machine, microwave, refrigerator, reception furniture, dining table, multiple TVs, and separate bathrooms in each of the spaces of the complex.

  • Presidential Suite:
    This suite is unique in its kind in the country as well as in Mashhad holy city in terms of facilities, equipment and high quality services and its special location. The number of bedrooms, the number of reception halls, offices, multiple toilets, jacuzzi, terrace overlooking the holy shrine, side rooms of the security and security group are among the special advantages of this suite, which can host presidents, political, cultural and social officials domestically and internationally.

The size of the President Suite with a terrace is 375 square meters. This suite has two connected rooms with a private terrace, a master bedroom, a twin room with an equipped kitchen, a separate entrance, a variety of televisions, a dining area equipped with special furniture, a dining table and a desk with the necessary computer equipment.

Qasr Al-Ziafat Hotel Reservation

Conference Halls

Qods Qasr Al-Ziafat Rexan Mashhad holy hotel has a hall with a capacity of 300 people. This hall, which is equipped with all facilities, audio and video equipment, is an incomparable place for holding conferences, ceremonies and special meetings.

The hall next to it is equipped to receive all the guests participating in the ceremonies.

The corridors overlooking the conference hall are decorated with one of the most unique historical pictures and photographs of the Astan Qods Razavi collections.

In front of the conference hall of this large complex, there are two business meeting halls and a diplomatic meeting hall, each with a capacity of 23 and 20 people, which has special facilities for special meetings and work panels.

Hotel Dining Halls

Qasr Al-Ziafat Hotel is equipped with the best reception halls and restaurants, cafes, coffee shops with a pleasant atmosphere for guests.

This hotel has a breakfast and dining hall unit for daily reception, a Mediterranean reception hall unit, a roof reception hall unit and a coffee shop with the view of the holy Razavi complex and an Italian restaurant cafe hall unit.

VIP Lounge:

The hotel has special services for VIP ceremonies (Very Important Person), VIP Service and VIP Lounge.

This hotel provides special and VIP services to its special guests and customers in a special place for the rest and hospitality.

In addition to these services, VIP and CIP airport transfer services can be provided, and all intra-city and extra-city transportations are provided with the best public and special vehicles.

Room Services

24-hour in-room catering services are available for all hotel guests with a variety of hot, cold and halal foods and beverages.

Minibar services and other orders requested by the guests are done as soon as possible for the comfort and relaxation of the guest.

Hotel Sport Complex

The hotel’s gym is equipped with the most advanced modern sports equipment for health and entertainment of guests.

Catering facilities and a coffee shop have been considered in this pleasant space.

Collection of health and wellness services

Qasr Al-Ziafat Hotel is equipped with dry and steam sauna, traditional bath, massage room and special gym for both men and women.

The traditional bath which is designed, built and decorated with authentic Iranian architecture has a unique painting that will take you to the depths of the art and beauty of authentic Iranian and Islamic painting.

Children’s play and entertainment hall

The hotel is equipped with entertainment facilities for children and teenagers between 3 and 13 years old.

The hotel has the ability to take care of your children in this complex at certain times of the day, so that families can have a better chance of being near the shrine.

IPTV & Smart Hotel System

All communication systems, heating and cooling, notification system, audio and video systems, movies, guest instructions, information about accommodation services, hospitality, entertainment, tourist attractions, tours, ticket purchase and reservation of tourist facilities and museum information, gallery cinemas and exhibitions of Mashhad city and guest communication with other parts of the hotel can be done in this way.

Other hotel services include laundry services, exchange facilities, business complex, souvenirs, helipad, travel and tourism service agency, tour guides and hotel translators.

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