About Us

Galactic Travel and Tourism Services Company under the “Cultural Heritage and Tourism Investment Group of Iran – Semga” as the first specialized tourism holding, has started its activity in the field of tourism since 2008 with a customer-oriented approach and has always been trying to follow global trends and using modern technologies, it guarantees the growth and improvement of the quality of its services so that it be able to provide tourism services such as booking and buying domestic and foreign plane tickets, online hotel reservations, holding tourist tours, etc. To play a big role in expanding the culture of travel and tourism.

Contact Megagasht

  • Address : 4th floor, No. 128 Vira Building, on corner of 14th Street, Seyed Jamal Asad Abadi Street, Tehran, Iran.
  • Postal Code : 1431893645
  • Phone : +982191301331
  • Email : info@megagasht.com